Fashion PR, originally Houston currently NY

I DIE for…Bows, off leash dog parks, NYC in the fall, chocolate is a given, addicted to massages  (I spend ungodly amounts of money- that I don’t have at the spa), Parks and Recreation,  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (I don’t get it either), Brunching with COR

Gross… CILANTRO my body denies it, Tickling – its weird,  and any other Real Housewives besides Beverly Hills

Rare Talent Making up “IT” words – I know

LABELS… Kate Spade, Oscar de la Renta, Rebecca Taylor, Shoshanna






Apparel Design, originally DALLAS then Chicago & back again!

I DIE for… Blazers, Tweed, Plaid, English Countryside fantasies where foxhunting and dinner parties are still the norm, My Bests, Rose flavored gelato, MARGARITAS, Tommy Hilfiger commercials especially around Christmas, and Anything with RACH!

Gross…  Suede- I have a similar reaction as fingernails on a chalkboard, Knockoff Burberry check  & yellowy teeth

Rare Talent… Unbelievably great bed hair (its just not fair – Rach)

LABELS… BURBERRY Prorsum (Heart STOP), Chloe, McQueen, & ZARA


(photos via sweetdisposition, mietteshoppe )

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